Lab Director
John R. Ohlfest, Ph.D.

Departments of Pediatrics and Neurosurgery

Research Associate (Gene Therapy and Immunotherapy)
Zhengming Xiong, M.D., Ph.D
Department of Pediatrics

Postdoctoral Associate (Immunotherapy)
Flavia Popescu, Ph.D.
Department of Pediatrics

Postdoctoral Associate (Immunotherapy)
Mike Olin, PhD.
Department of Pediatrics

M.D., Ph.D. Graduate Student (Gene Therapy and Immunotherapy)
Brian Andersen, B.A.
Department of Neuroscience

Ph.D. Graduate Student (Basic Biology / Target Discovery)
Stacy Decker, B.A.
Department of Neuroscience

Scientist and Xenograft Core Manager (Small Molecule Drug Therapy, Drug Delivery, Tissue Procurement)
Jose Gallardo, M.S.
Department of Pediatrics

Junior Scientist (Immunotherapy and Small Molecule Drug Therapy)
David Zellmer, B.S.
Department of Pediatrics

Assistant Scientist (Immunotherapy)
Randy Donelson, B.S.
Department of Pediatrics

Assistant Scientist (Immunotherapy)
Dan Sloper, M.S. 
Department of Pediatrics

 Ph.D. Graduate Student (Immunotherapy and Drug Delivery)
 Adam Litterman, B.S.
 Microbiology, Immunology, and Cancer Biology Program

 Ph.D. Graduate Student (Immunotherapy and Immunology)
 Derek Dziobek, B.S.
 Neuroscience Program

Ph.D. Graduate Student (Immunotherapy)
Katie Murphy, B.S.
Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology and Genetics Program

Assistant Scientist (Immunotherapy and Basic Biology)
Charlie Seiler, B.S.
Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences

Ph.D. Graduate Student (Immunotherapy)
Michelle Goulart, D.V.M.
Veterinary Clinical Sciences Program

Ph.D. Graduate Student (Immunotherapy)
Karen Grinnen, B.S.
Pharmaceutics Graduate Program


                                                                           The Ohlfest Lab

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